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Air rage incidents 4 times higher than three years ago

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

UK: The latest figures from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) shows that air rage incidents over the last three years have quadrupled.
There have been several well-documented cases recently and it was unclear whether the number of incidents was rising or whether the public was paying more attention to it.
This latest CAA report seems to have provided the answer. This summer has seen a larger number of Brits find themselves in hot water with aviation authorities than ever before, due to misbehaviour on flights.
The topic has been covered well, I have written on the subject as well . The latest incident of rage in the sky has seen a British man, accused of biting the hand of a police officer.
How does that old saying go? Don’t bite the hand that detained you?
The figures show that there have been 386 dangerous incidents in 2015 alone, a startling increase from the 85 in 2013.
Alcohol is seemingly the cause of most of these incidents. In February, this year, 6 Brits on a stag party, caused their flight to be diverted, ending up arrested in Berlin and facing a hefty fine.
Stag parties getting arrested, it would seem, is the latest craze for Brits travelling abroad.
The report from the CAA will only intensify calls for action to be taken, to prevent these incidents continuing. have already banned alcohol on their early morning flights.
There have been calls for stronger action, with the head of a leading budget airline, calling for an outright ban for those found guilty of abusive and dangerous behaviour while flying. A ban that would be applied by all operators.
Action to tackle the problem could see airport staff reporting passengers they deem to have drunk an excessive amount before they fly. Reducing the amount that is allowed to be served at the airport and on board.
The UK government will be working with the airline industry to help solve this problem, yet, there are no plans to change current legislation. Although, some clarity is needed on the matter. As it stands, it is illegal to be drunk on board an aircraft but is legal to buy and consume alcohol while flying.
With summer over, airlines and passengers can expect a quieter time on board flights, but will be dreading the thought of being stuck on a flight with a stag party full of drunken louts, when trying to get away from just that.

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