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The 3 secret ingredients for a carefree flight delay

Friday, September 16, 2016

Looking up at the departures board, you see instructions to wait ‘in lounge’, your flight has been delayed. 
The sight of a delay on a departure board can be enough to give your holiday the kick in the teeth that it did not want.
Fret not, bring that blood pressure down to a normal level with’s 3 secret ingredients for a carefree flight delay.

  1 .Keep up to date in the palm of your hand:

Follow the airline and airport on social media and particular twitter. Airlines and airports are getting better at informing their passengers with updates, and use twitter as their main medium of communication. They are not perfect by any standards, though, so be prepared to force the subject, with a tweet to them directly.
Knowing what is going on, is half of the battle when it comes to staying carefree when delayed.

  2. Get comfortable:

You’ve followed point one and are being kept up to date of the latest information. So, with that in mind, you should know for how long your flight has been delayed. Find a nice spot so you can settle down. Most airports and especially the major ones will have lounges that charge by the hour. These lounges often include food, drinks and a wifi connection. By knowing for how long you be delayed, enables you to book the appropriate amount of time in the lounge. Once booked, sit back and relax, you’re on holiday.

  3. Make your claim today:

When a flight is delayed by 3 or more hours or cancelled, you are legally entitled to compensation. We here at specialise in claiming compensation and are champions of consumer rights. As soon as your flight has breached the 3-hour delay mark, then you can start dreaming of where you will be going next, thanks to the compensation, won by
Remember, stay calm and carry on claiming. That’s all for now gang, be safe and travel well. 
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