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7 extremely annoying things we’d love to change about flying.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Flying is a luxury for most people but it is human nature to complain and in the spirit of having a good moan, here are  7 extremely annoying factors we’d love to change about flying. Here at flight-delayed we posed a question about flying bug bears and here is what we found. 

1. The food: Bon appetite

You wouldn't expect to be served gourmet food if you were on any other mode of transport other than a cruise ship, so why would you on a plane? Still it ranked highly on the chart of what passengers find annoying. Whether it be the price, the lack of options or simply the taste. Plane food is thought of as bad. That is not exactly breaking news but people do like to complain. Especially about flying and about food, so if you combine the two you can expect a lot of hot air up there in the sky.

 2. The cattle effect/space:

Nobody likes the sensation of being too close to their fellow passengers or people in general. So when you find yourself thousands of miles up, that claustrophobic feeling can intensify no end. The feedback we got was that feeling when you are pushed and prodded into small spaces is one that most passengers would like to change. To make matters worse, the only reason why economy passengers suffer from a lack of space for example, is in the pursuit of profit.
The legroom, or lack thereof, on economy can leave you feeling like you've been squashed in a box and when you leave your seat you often wonder how you fit in it at all. Weather it be with bigger planes or less capacity, air travel passengers want to see a change in their comfort while they fly.

 3. The air con

Now this can be too hot too cold or just right, but more often than not passengers will find the air conditioning annoying. Dry throats from the over heated tubs or colds and running nose from, well the coldness of the air blowing throughout your air pressured cabin. Whatever the temperature, airlines cannot seem to please all of the passengers all of the time.

4. Delayed baggage/delayed flights:

Arriving at your destination only to find that your bags are somewhere else is enough to make the best of us stress out. Not only is it annoying but airlines have a tendency to not refund the fee you paid to take your bags with you. If its not your bags, it's the flight itself. However, the upside of being delayed is that you’d be entitled to compensation if you are delayed by 3 or more hours.

 5. Security:

Now of course airport security is in place with good reason and a host of events over the past 12 months have proven that to be the case. However, the process does have its critics and according to our staff it is one of the biggest bugbears for passengers. There have been recent campaigns for liquid allowance to be dropped and the process as a whole to be sped up, but as it stands nothing is set to change. If it does change, airport security is likely to increase if anything. It is a part of air travel now and is set to remain no matter how irritating air travellers might find it.

6. Chair kickers/sweaty people

Other than asking the passenger behind to refrain from kicking your chair like an F.A. Cup final penalty, there is not an awful lot you can do about the back booters. In regard to the sweaty people, there is even less, short of hosing them down prior to security but that bring you unwanted attention.

7. Drunken people:

Now this one airlines are actively trying to do something about. Passengers have a tendency to drink before their flights, now for most this is not a problem and simply a way for them to either start or end their holidays. For some though it is an excuse to get blind drunk and cause chaos in the sky. If you think drunk passengers are bad, spare a thought for those who had flights get cancelled due to drunk pilots. There has been a recent spike in cases of pilots turning up pie eyed to fly sky eye.
As consumers, we love to complain and sometimes it is justified. For instance drunken passengers/pilots is not something passengers should have to deal with. As for the rest of the complaints maybe we as 21st-century passengers should take a little perspective and realise it air travel is actually quite good. The next time there is an issue with your flight remember your consumer rights and visit

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