Flight delayed's essential guide to staying stress free at the airport

Holidays are usually about getting away from the stress and strain of life but getting to and waiting at the airport can seem like the most stressful thing you've ever had to do. 

Fear not flight goers for we are here once again. This time we want to keep you calm and collected, here is the flight-delayed.co.uk essential guide to staying stress free at the airport. 

Tips to be on time: 

A lot of stressful situations can be avoided through planning, especially when it comes to getting to the airport. A sure fire way of avoiding any calamities en route to your flight is by staying in a hotel local to the airport the night before. It may add a little more expense to your holiday but it is a great way to get in holiday mode. 
Checking in online as been a feature of air travel for some time but it shouldn't be underestimated as it allows you to gp straight to the security gate. As well as checking in online at some airports you will be able to fast track through security for an extra fiver per person. 
Travel light and you’ll have no need to check bags in if you need help with packing give this blog a read for some top tips. 

Take a good distraction:

We life in an age where we are constantly on the cusp of being distracted, so why should the airport be any different? If you find yourself stranded by a flight delay or you arrive super early then just get out whatever piece of technology you're likely to be carrying. Think about the hours you spend at home scrolling and watching, airports are increasingly accommodating tech with various points where you can access power ports and free wi-if. Failing that, the classic way of killing time during a flight delay is to carry a good book and also a good excuse to buy those overpriced magazines you can't usually justify. 

Lounge around: 

Airports are increasingly becoming more comfortable for travelers and if your flight is delayed for example then maybe check out an airport lounge. The price of them varies depending on how much time you want to spend in there but if you're in for a hefty flight delay then an airport lounge maybe just the thing to stay stress free.

Relax, you're on holiday: 

Embrace the airport as part of your holiday, no matter what happens, it is all apart of making those memory you will have forever. 
That's all for now gang, be safe and stay stress free. 

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