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How do you feel about printing your luggage

Friday, August 26, 2016

As technology advances, it is meant to make life easier to live.  3D printing was once no more than a dream but now it is very much a reality and advancements in 3D printing might well change the way we travel. 
From the moment that 3D printing entered, the arena of endless possibilities opened up for how it could be used in the future. From printing to food to organs to entire structures such as skyscrapers.
At first, the expense of it was enough to make the every man forget about using it. Now, however, things are beginning to change.
The theory goes that all one would need is a printer and the materials to print. Apply that principle to travel and you've just made your next haul a hell of a lot lighter.
There will be those among you that are sceptical about 3D printing but be prepared to print a pair of socks so that we can knock them off.
The aviation industry has already embraced 3D and is at the forefront of those who want 3D for the long haul. Boeing has already built an entire aircraft from 3D parts and has 30 printed parts in their Dreamliner.
It has been available for a while but it is only recently that it has had an effect on the everyday life of people.
Just picture the thought, you are sitting comfortably in your allocated seat and it suddenly dawns on you that you have left something behind. Holiday ruined? NO! Get to your nearest printing station when you arrive and print whatever it is you've left behind. Holiday saved.
Even better you can leave it all behind and print everything you need when you get to your destination.  Print unique souvenirs or tokens from your trip or do it when you get home.
It is not just people that will be affected by the advancement of 3D, the aviation industry will be getting very excited at the prospect of planes with passengers but no cargo. The aviation industry has no choice but to look for more environmentally friendly operations as we move forward into the century and 3D printing might be just the ticket.
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