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Top tips to save money post BREXIT

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Britain's holiday hot spots are set to receive a higher number of British tourists this summer, as they look for ‘staycations’ and shun foreign trips. 
This is largely down to the devaluation of the pound, in the wake of the E.U. referendum outcome. There are other factors, but at this moment holidays abroad will cost the average Brit more than they would have at the start of the year. According to travel supermarket, travel will cost on average £245 more.
It is unclear what effect leaving the E.U. will have on Britain's tourism in the long term, but in the short term, it has already seen a slight peak in bookings.
However, If you have already booked and that dream trip abroad and there is no turning back, is here for you, bringing you some top tips to make sure you don't have any unnecessary expenses when you are on holiday.


Do your research and make sure you are going to get the most of your pounds. Finding the best exchange rate could be the difference between eating out every night and having to raid the local supermarkets.

Travel wise:

It is common for travellers to take out the wrong insurance for a trip, so make sure you know what you are paying for. Find out what you need to be covered for and then compare. Be honest on the assessment, if you have pre-existing issues then declare them you don't want to be caught out uncovered.

Getting to the airport:

Don’t leave the planning of this until the last minute. A bit of preparation and you will be able to find the most cost-effective mode of getting there. This applies to both ends of your trip and I really am talking from experience here, I was set to leave my destination on a Thursday only to find that there wasn't a bus on a Thursday and was forced to get a 60 Pound taxi to the airport.  Be prepared and getting to the airport won't cost more than your flight.

Pre-book online to avoid the potential chaos and denting to your bank account.

Time to fly:

If you haven't already booked your flights, then try not to fly on a Friday evening or during the weekend as these tend to be the most expensive time to take off.

Weigh that baggage:

Either travel light or book extra baggage but don't turn up at the airport with your life's possessions and expect to get on the aircraft without having to wedge out a considerable amount of cash to do so. In the grand scheme of things it is not too pricey to book in advance, so do just that.

Local transport:

You can end up paying an arm and leg just to get to your selected destination. This can be avoided by researching the public transport and getting an idea of the pricing schemes that they operate. I know if you’ve booked a trip of a lifetime or even just a weekend away, the last thing you might think of is the cost of the busses, but it may save you a small fortune.
There you have it, the moral of the story is to plan. Plan the little details and you will have more to spend on the big ones. If your flight getting there or coming back is delayed by 3 or more hours, then you will have even more to spend.
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