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Flight-Delayed's Top Road Trips

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Getting to the beginning of your dream road trip often has to start with another mode of transport and this is usually the plane. Some of the best road trips can be right across the globe. We think that one of the most liberating experiences on holiday is renting a car and regaining some control after that bumpy landing. So imagine the whole holiday being one big road trip. 
For the best road trip routes you will still need to fly or it is simply more practical to fly and then rent a car in the country you're travelling through.
Time is of the essence and so much has to be done and seen in so little time.
Car rented and now it's time to rev your engine. But only in an environmentally friendly manner and set your sights on some of the best road trips routes known to man and beast.
The best thing about these ones is that you could get the first three in one trip. All four I hear you say?  Challenge accepted I hear you say?

Provence, France:

Famous for wine, it also has plenty of roads for you to burn rubber into. The region in the South of France is a delight to explore. It is probably best to fly to Marseille. You could even cut across large parts of the country by train. It isn't too expensive either if you book online. Check it out it is well worth the trip.

The flower route, the Netherlands:

Home of the Tulip this is your opportunity to see some of the most beautiful towns and cities the Netherlands has to offer. Begin your trip in Haarlem and make your way south to what is know as the Gardens of Europe. Keukenhof Gardens, located near to the small town of Lisse, claims to be the biggest garden in the world. After you have overdosed on bulbs, continue south to Leiden before finishing your trip at Naaldwijk. Feel free to go off map on this one. On this route, you will not be short of delightful little Dutch towns to stop off at.

Amalfi Coast, Italy:

This one starts at Salerno ending in Sorrento and will provide you with stunning scenery through this relatively short drive. You will follow the the southern coast of the Sorrento peninsula. Home to Italy's most scenic coastline this unique area is on the UNESCO’S world heritage list. Get there and find out why for yourself and maybe stop by Naples, since you will be in the area. You could even get your flight to the next destination from there.

Montreal, Canada:

This location is definitely one where you can go off map and you will definitely need a flight to get there . The country is so vast we’d be fools to recommend one particular route. Delve into the maps and the guidebooks and see what appeals to you the most. Epic landscapes and beautiful scenery you could drive for miles and miles, but make sure you do your research or you will be doing just that, driving for miles and miles.
That's all for now gang, but if you do find yourself delayed at an airport or missing a connecting flight to the beginning of your dream road trip; then contact us at Flight-Delayed and we will happily get you the compensation you deserve.
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