Flight-Delayed's Top ten films to inspire travel

Friday, July 29, 2016

We know you don't want to think about it but the end of summer is near. There are still plenty of weeks left for you to make that last minute trip. is here to bring you ten movies that will inspire you to get going. Were not so bothered what the plot is, it is all about the setting for us. Although, if it’s good, then great. 

10. Lord of the Ring’s:

Not exactly the first film that comes to mind when thinking about travel, but Peter Jackson's interpretation of J.R. Tolkien's classics have certainly added a tourism factor to the part of the world in which it was filmed.  Shot in New Zealand and featuring plenty of walking, the scenery of it all will have you tying your boots and dying for a stroll.

9. Eurotrip:

Admittedly this one is a bit silly. It was hardly ever going to be an award winner but it does take you on a light-hearted journey through Europe and you never know it might inspire a few stops on your next European adventure.

8. In Bruges:

Staying in Europe for the moment, why not check out Bruges. ‘In Bruges’ follows to hitman to the backdrop of the beautiful Belgian City. The film is a good opportunity to check out Colin Farrell being Irish and silly but also a chance to add some sights to your sightseeing list.

7. Indiana Jones:

O.K. so this one is not an accurate travel movie but it still takes you on a trip. Watch all of the movies and you will feel well travelled for it. Just be sure to leave the whip and the hat at home before your next trip. Only Mr. Ford can pull that off and you might have issues boarding a plane.

6. Motorcycle Diaries:

Ernesto Che Guevara. World famous revolutionary. Man with the beret. Liked a cigar. What else do we know. Well, he went on a life changing journey with his friend. He kept a diary about it and it was dramatised. If this doesn't make you leap onto a motorcycle with a pad and a pen in your pocket, We don’t know what will.

5. Copenhagen:

Essentially a love story with a beautiful city as its backdrop. The film itself received good reviews across the board. If you get to the end of it, all you'll want to do is jump on a bike and ride around Copenhagen then.

4.  Slumdog millionaire:

Ever been to India? Really want to go? Watch this one and get a real eye for the country. A mega film, which swept up at that years awards season. Director Danny Boyle takes the viewers on a tantalisingly trip of taste and colours. I am willing to bet that if you are inclined to visit there, then by the end of this one you will be booking your flights.

3. Into the wild:

Based on true experiences, a recently graduated student gives away his life savings and decides to live in the wilderness. The story charts his adventures and will bring to live your inner traveller in no time.

2. The beach:

Explore the beautiful oceans of Thailand without moving from your living room chair. A story about finding paradise, or someone's version of it, will get you hunting for your own. Adapted from a book of the same title, it follows a young man with a mysterious map that allegedly leads to tropical bliss, Find out if he finds his and then find your own.

1. A map for Saturday:

Ever thought about quitting your job and travelling the world? This man did and did just that. He also filmed his journey to chart the experiences that he came across. It tells so many stories all of which have the world for a stage. A real life documentation of what it is to travel. This one is definitely a case of watch and go.
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