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FLIGHT-DELAYED's Top ten European cities to live in

Friday, July 22, 2016

We are back again and this time, we have our top ten most livable European cities. Although, if you are looking to bum it around Europe for a while then think again. These places will definitely demand you to have a job and few quid in your pocket. 

10. Stockholm -

City buildings in Stockholm
Get a taste for raw herring by moving to the Swedish capital. Be sure to leave your best impression of the muppets Swedish chef where you are because the Swedes will not forgive you if you don’t. Moving there is aided by various services offered by the state. Such as the employment agency assisting you to find a job within your skill set. If you are going there with a job already secured, then your company will most likely pay for you to follow a language course. If not, there are courses provided by the state. Sweden has a mixed economy and a generous welfare system and once settled you might just blend in.

9. Oslo -

City building Oslo, Norway
Oslo sneaks into the top ten despite being renowned for being gobsmackingly expensive.There are plenty of tips out there on how to get by and time spent living there will only help learn the tricks needed to get by. Oslo has a massive maritime sector and Norway is at the forefront of green energy,

8. Copenhagen -

Dock in Copenhagen
Search online forums and it will not take long before you come across someone explaining that the Danes like to give their opinion. Don't be too taken aback by this, it is perfectly acceptable in Denmark. We must warn, though, be polite about it when you return the favour.  Pack a varied wardrobe for your move, as the weather is more unpredictable than British democracy. If you want to blend in while you're out and about then get a bike, the city is full of cycle paths and you might even get mistook for a Dane. In terms of work, the economy is driven by human resources, but not exclusively. The country as a whole boasts the world's lowest level of income inequality.

7. Berlin -

Berlin central train station
Regarded by many as one of Europe's cultural hotspots, there is much to adapt to if you are considering a new life in the German capital. One major positive is that rental prices are still relatively low in comparison with other European cities and capitals. It is a vibrant and multicultural city in which you would not long be without a job. Speaking of jobs, if you are in the manufacturing industry, life sciences, ICT, the media or a raft of creative jobs, then you are a shoe in to get employed. Berlin is also big in green energy, with every residential building having its own recycling area.

6. Frankfurt -

The Germans are here again and this time, it is their financial hub that makes the list. If you're in that line of work then this is the city for you. Due to the turmoil caused by the Brits and their referendum, Frankfurt will be varying to be the Europe's financial hub. With all the uncertainty surrounding the current hub London. Now might be the best time to jump ship.

5. Hamburg -

The third successive German City to make the list, Hamburg offers something different to the prior two. Famous for its music, this reserved but friendly and diverse city can offer work in shipping, imports and exports, media and IT to mention just a few. Shipbuilding is still the main driver, as is the steel and copper industry. It lays claim to the second largest copper works in Europe.

4. Geneva -

Geneva foutain

Located in the French-speaking part of the country, it is also a well- known city for the finance industry. However, it is not the only string to its bow. Geneva is the home of Rolex amongst other brands. If you're planning on moving there then work is a must. Get a job lined up before you go as rent, schooling, food and clothing will cost a small fortune. On the upside, though, it has an extremely low crime rate.

3. Zurich -

Overview of Zurich old town
The last of the Swiss cities on the list and the country's banking capital is famous for its corporate image. Sidestep that and have a peak behind and you will see culture aplenty in museums, theatres and galleries. It does have the 4th largest stock exchange in the world so there is truth to its corporate image and that's where the main industry lies. There is a housing shortage, posing as one of the biggest problems for expats and it will take a healthy salary to live there.

2. Helsinki -

Helsinki Cathedral
The country has a mixed economy but the Finns like to serve. According to Wikipedia, the service industry makes up 72.7% of the economy in Finland. It is also a proud industrial nation and Helsinki is no different to the rest of the country. In the city, you will find plenty of natives that speak English, but as with anywhere else, you intend to stay, learning the language will never hurt. Inspired by Russian and European architecture this quiet and introverted city is not the cheapest to live in but if you have negotiated yourself a good salary then this might just be the new home for you.

1. Vienna -

Vienna skyline
The capital of Austria is firmly in the number one spot for the Europe's most liveable cities. Reliant on tourism, the city has some of the highest living standards in Europe but is like many other cities and has a large service industry. When it comes to renting, don't expect it to be cheap, high living comes at a high price. You might also find that you need to buy everything up to and including your kitchen. All things considered, if you have a job lined up and are either set to or already mid-German lessons then you should settle in just fine.
There you have it. A quick peep at the top ten cities in Europe to live. If they are not to your liking there are plenty more to discover but that's all for now gang. 
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