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Flight-delayed's Top Tip's to get some shut eye

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

People on a plane

Most people struggle to sleep when on a flight. I am not one of those people, anyone that has had the pleasure of travelling with me will know, as soon as the wheels rumble along the tarmac I am semi-unconscious. For those of you out there that are not so lucky and wondering why I am bragging, here are some top tips to get some kip.

5. Window seat/emergency seats -

It is not just so that you can watch the metal bird you're in defy gravity, but it also limits the amount of distraction and contact you have with those behind and around you. If you pair that with sitting in the emergency seats, then you will be dreaming in no time. The extra legroom it offers takes the edge of those tight spaces. Bear in mind the responsibility if in the unlikely event the planes need to land before it is scheduled to.

4. Eat and drink -

Make sure you're fat and full up, but don't eat so soon before your flight. Treat it as if you're going to bed. You wouldn't eat before you slept at home so don't treat your flight any different. Keep off the booze and try not to eat anything too greasy.

3. Head’s up -

Take something to support your head while on the plane. Most of us will know the feeling of a sore neck midflight. It can put a damper on the start of your trip or the rest of your flight. There are an abundance of inflatable and cushions neck supports you can buy, but if you make the school boy/girl error of not taking one then a rolled up jumper and some gentle neck exercises should do the trick.

2. Be comfortable -

Don't get dressed up when all you will be doing is sitting down. Wear something familiar and maybe a bit loose to allow you to feel free to move without any adverse consequences.  

1.Block out light and sound -

Avert your eyes from any of the in-flight entertainment. Use earplugs and blindfolds, both can be acquired for a few quid and can save you the painstaking thought of being wide awake for that long haul that you are planning.

That's all for now gang…. Sweet dreams.

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