Flight-Delayed's Top ten: Nifty travel secrets

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A man traveling
We are back again and with more tips to tease you into packing a bag and to start globetrotting. If you have not already set off on your summer travels, then here are 10 top tips to help you along the way. 

10.Check, check, check:

Have a good look online before booking your hotel. You may well find a cheaper offer. If you find a cheaper deal, contact the hotel direct to have them match the price you've found. It is highly unlikely any hotel would risk you booking somewhere else. The same applies when asking for a discount, 95% of travellers simply don't ask.
If you don’t ask, you won’t get. Simple.

9. Look after your feet:

They will be carrying you for the most part of your journey so look after them. Wear practical shoes that you will be able to slip on and off quickly as you navigate through airport security and so forth.

8. Fight the jet lag:

Jet lag can knock you sideways for the best part of a week if you let it. There are a number of ways to tackle a jet lag. A top tip for getting to grips with it is to arrange your flight arrival for a morning. This will enable you to keep busy from the moment you land until the moment you're ready for bed and on a local pattern.

7. Be clean and content:

Wash up before you go. This may sound like very basic sanitation but if you find yourself in that plane seat and you're all sweaty, your journey will feel longer than it is. The same goes for eating so make sure you've been fed. A hungry dirty traveller is a grumpy traveller.

6. Keep it locked and be sensible:

Take solid padlocks with you as wherever you're going may not have a safe or a locker for you to use.

5. 1st aid kit:

So many afflictions are avoidable by carrying with you, a basic first aid kit. If you also add baby wipes to that kit then you’ll have just the thing to hand to freshen up.

4. Pack wise:

Don’t over pack or under pack, pack just right and take only what you need. One wise traveller advised that they always travel with the expectation that the airline will lose their holding luggage and always take a carry on bag with things to survive for a few days should the worst case scenario happen.
On that note, make sure you condense your wallet or your purse. This not only makes it lighter but will make it easier for you to conceal it in a place that is still easily accessible for you. Take what you need, card, cash and ID.

3. Ear Plugs:

Might just be the best thing you've ever taken on your travels. You never know when you might need them but they could save you from a restless noisy night.

2. Scams and overcharging:

Travellers are always susceptible to scams and being overcharged for things. The best way to combat this is by doing some research on your destination. A quick internet search will alert you to the most prevalent scams out there.

1. Be nice:

Be open and friendly. If that's not your personality then at least be polite. You will not only be representing yourself while you're away but the place you have come from. In some cases it could be the only time that a person has encountered someone from your homeland, so make that impression count. Those are your top tips for now gang. We will be back soon.
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