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Flight-Delayed’s 5 Top Tips for working on the go

Saturday, July 9, 2016

A man works while waiting
A growing number of people work independently on a freelance basis and travel quite a bit for work. With that in mind, we at Flight-Delayed are here with some top tips to make most of your work time while travelling. 

5. App up

There seems to be an app for everything nowadays and organising your travel time is no different. There are plenty on the market to choose from and a quick internet search will direct you to the one that best suits you. Whichever you use will help reduce the stress of remembering each stage of your trip and enable you to keep track of when you’ve got time to relax.

4. Take note

Whether it is on your phone or an old-school notebook. Writing things down will help you remember later, keeping all assignments and to-do lists in one place.

3. Sky write

If you are like most normal people who spend their journeys awake and agitated then write. If you are wide awake in anticipation of the landing, then pass the time with writing or whatever it is you're working on. On a plane, mid-flight is one of the few places you are actually cut off from the rest of the world so make the most of the peace and get to work.

2. Phone call’s

Catching up on any conversation while you have been in the air can be hard work. Make sure your rental car has Bluetooth and you can deal with all calls in your mobile office. If you're in a taxi, smile politely at your driver, make your excuses and carry on.

1. Join a co-working space

In a world that is increasingly becoming individual, co-working spaces offer the chance for you to get some work done, while surrounded by like-minded people. These spaces are popping up all over Europe and for a monthly fee, you can hop to various locations. Co-working spaces are all the rage at the moment. A quick search online will find you your nearest spot.
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