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Flight-Delayed’s top ten tips to chill out while on holiday

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Holidays are important. Fact! We all need a break from the whirlwind world we live in. It doesn't matter what your chosen destination is, the idea is to relax and enjoy. 
For some people, that is not a problem. For most, it's much easier said than done. So once more, Flight-Delayed brings you the Top Ten Tips. This time we want you to relax.

1.Switch off

Technology can make or break your holiday so keep all tech use to a minimum. All essential communication should be maintained, being worried about the folks back home will be counter productive to you relaxing. Other than that, though, switch off that phone or tablet and then try to switch off from what you left at home.

2.Embrace the new

You don't have to go crazy and start facing your darkest fears, but try and embrace new things. It is likely you will be setting foot on new land, so make the most of it and embrace what it has to offer. You might just find that activity that unwinds the built up stress. Don't push yourself too far, though, realising you can't get over your fear mid holiday is a sure fire way to get your blood pressure rising.

3. It is not work, remember that

Don’t forget you're on holiday and unless you're the Prime Minister then you can relax. The world is full of workaholics in need of relaxation. Don’t say no,no,no, just go,go,go and do want you need to do to switch off your Monday to Friday brain.

4. Plan to do nothing

We know it sounds boring but it is important. Take a day or two to rest and recoup. Taking the time to rejuvenate will allow you to do more on the active days you have.

5. Be active

Contradictory to the last tip but the two go hand in hand. If you make the most of your rest days then you will simply feel better when you want to be active. A bit of exercise will go a long way. If you have a daily routine then stick to it. If not, don't fret, now is the time for those lovely long walks.
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6. Be selfish once in awhile:

Again this is easier said than done, especially if you’ve got the whole family along. If you can, though, get away for a day and do what pleases you. It can take that stressful edge off and make you even more pleasant to be around for the rest of the trip.

7. Don’t bake:

As you will know, the Brits love to bake, as soon as there is a slight ray of light breaking through moody clouds. Don't get over excited because you have forgotten what the sun feels like. Be sensible and bathe in small periods. The last thing you need is to be feeling very ill and sorry for yourself due to the stroke of the sun.
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8. Sleep and eat well

Apparently, on average most people sleep less while on holiday. Eager to see the sights, people don't get enough shut-eye. Sleep well or you’ll end up a frustrated lump of sun tanned stress. Eating well is also crucial. Eat as fresh as possible and be careful what you nibble on, you don't want a belly bug to go along with your sun-induced headache.

9. Breathe

As simple as it sounds, breath. If the kids are too hyper or you're if partner's lost the map, take a deep breath,  in through the nose out through the mouth. You want to see your belly extending as far as it can go to know you are breathing full lung of air. It helps circulate the blood flow better and naturally reduces stress.

10. Time to readjust:

Nobody wants to be thinking about home while on holiday, but to ensure a smooth landing, make sure you have at least an extra day off when you're back home. It can take less than an hour to feel like you've never been away, so take that extra day and stay in vacation mode.
That's all for now gang. We will be back with more top tips soon. Until then RELAX!
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