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Has your passport lost its power?

Sunday, July 3, 2016

If you are British then the answer is, it is about to. Well, that is according to Dimitry Kochenov the man who invented something called the passport index.

The power of a passport is effectively a measure of how many countries the holder can travel to without visa restriction. The UK was previously only bettered by richer European countries.
Once considered one of the most powerful in the world, the British passport is set to tumble down the index rankings from 11 to 30.
This is mainly a consequence of the uncertainty surrounding the UK after the decisions to reject continued membership of the EU.
Without the support of the EU and the ability to freely move within it, the economic stability of the UK will be brought into question.

Power passports  

Citizens from countries that are members of the European Union will be used to travelling within what the EU calls the Schengen Zone. An area, that has been agreed on by member states, where citizens can travel freely without the need to check documents.
Outside the EU block, however, it is a different story and the colour of your passport suddenly starts to become important.
What does your passport colour mean?
EU member states have been issuing burgundy passports since 1981 with the exception of Croatia, which stuck with a blue colour.
In the US, the colour of passports can differ, most American nationals will sport a navy blue passport. Although, those who carry out official Government business and selected military personnel will be seen carrying maroon coloured passports. While those few who serve the US in a diplomatic capacity are awarded black passports.
Most Middle eastern countries have green coloured ones, in keeping with green representing the Arab world. Just as communist or former communist countries tend to go with a red covered passport.

Don’t panic:

Don’t toss your passport just yet. The British decision to leave the EU will take time before coming into effect. At the moment the fabled article 50 is yet to be triggered and until it does, the countries that a UK passport holder can visit without a visa will remain the same for the time being.

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