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Flight-delayed: 5 Top tips for cheap flights:

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

When it comes to cheap flights, you are either in one of two camps. Those that have got the ‘deal of the decade’ and those who feel they have overpaid for their flights.
Whichever you are, here is a list of top tips to either carry on getting the deals of the decade or to start getting them.

1. Be alert:

It can be a confusing time when booking flights, with so much to take into consideration, but if you sign upon for a fare alert then you will know the best time to book. Emails will prompt you with information about a particular flight, enabling you to make the most cost-effective decisions. There are plenty of fare alert services available to help you.

2. Be prepared:

It is not always possible, but try to book as early as possible. Airlines will release a schedule around 3 months before and it is usually then when the prices will be cheapest. Don’t be mistaken, there are still bargains to be had nearer to the departure time, but as a rule of thumb, it is cheaper the more in advance you book.

3. Look for the cheapest day: Some days are cheaper than others:

The subheading makes it sound as simple as it is. There are days that are cheaper than others and like the rail service, there are off-peak times. If you can travel at those times, you are certain to make savings from your budget.

4. Check the airports: Fly from the cheapest airport:

Depending on where you are flying from, you may have options in terms of how much you pay. If you are leaving from a major city that has the luxury of more than one airport, then you might be in for a bargain. It is important to bear in mind other aspects of your trip, though.  Make sure that the connections from your bargain airport won't end up costing you more than what your budget will allow.

5. Weigh your luggage before you go:

This one is simple but cannot be overstated how important it is. Airlines make millions each year off passengers forced to pay extra baggage fees. Get your bags in check and make sure that they are either bang on or just under the limit. This will prevent that cheap flight becoming an expensive cargo trip.

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