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Taste the world: Food markets worth travelling for

Monday, June 20, 2016

If you really want to know a place, no matter how long you are staying there for, the best way is to get right to the belly of it. You do this by Sampling all that the best food markets have to offer. 

Most people will not book a trip based on what they are going to eat, but if you do, this is to satisfy your appetite. In no particular order, here are some of the world's best food markets.

Helsinki, Finland:

Situated on Helsinki’s South Harbor, this open air market offers you a taste of the Arctic, with a wide range of local delicacies to tease your taste buds with.

Kauppatori market offers moose, reindeer and bear salami; chocolate infused with salted liquorice; salmon and herring delicacies and much more.

We just hope you’re in the mood for raw fish if you’re in that particular neck of the woods.

During the summer season, the market thrives with open-air cafes in abundance for you to relax and enjoy the friendly atmosphere while indulging in traditional food.

Fear not, if your trip is not booked until the winter time, the open-air cafes become heated tents, allowing the market to thrive all year around.

Toronto, Canada:

Renowned for being friendly,y the Canadians also love their food and if you get the chance to visit the St. Lawrence food market, don’t let it pass by.

Merchants sell every kind of cut of meat, along with artisanal sausages and cheeses. The market, held inside former City Hall offices, is well known with travellers coming from far and wide to taste what is on Toronto’s plate.

Borough Market, London:

Situated in  the heart of  London, this renowned market will leave a vibrant taste in your mouth.

The market is laid out with passageways and open spaces, which help create the thrill of new discoveries.

The centre of the market is devoted to all things produce while around the edges the spaces are filled with an impressive blend of foodstuffs from the world over.

The English Market, Cork, Ireland:

This market bills itself as Ireland’s most famous covered market and is certainly worth a trip to check out the hype.

Standing underneath a grand vaulted ceiling, this 400-year-old market blends exotic spices with Irish favourites.

Try the Irish farmhouse cheeses, or you might fancy sheep’s tripe boiled in milk or drisheens, otherwise known as blood sausages.

La Boqueria, Barcelona:

If a unique taste of the Mediterranean is what you desire, then get yourself here. Beautiful colours and texture await those travelling to this market and if you’re up early enough, then you might just see some of Barcelona’s top chefs gather at the Petras stall to pick up fresh products.  The market has a huge range of fresh produce and offers a diverse range of products locally and internationally sourced.

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