Make no mistake: 10 mistakes to avoid while travelling

Monday, June 13, 2016

If you are looking to make the most of your time away and come back with stories of joy and relaxation rather than disaster and stress: Then here are 10 mistakes for you to avoid that we tend to make while away on our travels.

1. Pack too much:

Whether you’re a last minute crammer of clothes or your wardrobe is empty a week before you leave, most of us are guilty of packing too much for our holidays. Travelodge reckons that two-thirds of travellers return from the jollies with at least six unworn outfits.

Take what you need and what you know you will use. Don’t weigh yourself heavy with excess clothing and once you have packed, review what you are taking. If you’re sat on the suitcase lid trying with all the will in the world to fasten it closed then you either need a bigger case or you're taking too much.

2. Plan too much:

On holiday one is often like a child at Christmas. Overwhelmed by all the possibilities, we try to do everything in the tour guides. This is simply not practical and can lead to feeling underwhelmed and disappointed by your time. So, be realistic and work out how much time you have and how long the things you want to do will take. Don’t overload your time away or else you’ll return from your holiday needing another one.

3. Not paying attention to the practical things:

Of course, you want to be looking your best when on holiday but you have to be sensible. How many times have you been away only to get there and wish you had better footwear or stronger sunglasses? Buy good quality things and chuck any cheap flip flops out of sight.

4. Failing to secure liquids

Ever arrived at your dream holiday destination to open your suitcase to the sight of suntan lotion and whatever other liquids you have, merging with the contents of your suitcase? Well, tighten up your caps and lids and you never will. Our tip: Use tape to seal the caps.

5. Trusting too easily:

We should all remember being taught about stranger danger when we were children and the same lesson applies while travelling. You are away on a dream holiday and are full of excitement and amazement of what surrounds you. This can lull you into a false sense of security that all locals are nice and willing to help. When asking for directions always ask more than one person and try to check the information with a map or guide.

6. Managing time poorly:

Make sure that if you are due to catch a connecting flight, or have a set itinerary, that you allow enough time to navigate the airport or location you’re in. A little bit of research can save you the frustration of a missed flight or train.

7. Not checking the check list:

Failing to check what documents you need for a trip can be fatal for your time away. In drastic but not uncommon cases, if you fail to present the right documents you could be prevented from entering where you are trying to get to.

8. Not paying attention to the time difference

Ensure you’re familiar with the time zone you’re in. Failing to do so could mean you’re in for a long wait for your hotel room or connecting to the next part of your journey.

9. Setting off empty handed: 

A common error is to not exchange any money before arriving at the destination. This can cause all manner of complications, from being overcharged at the airport to being stuck without any cash. Best practice would suggest exchanging enough to cover you until you can either get to an ATM or find a favourable exchange rate.

10. Shopping until you drop:

The rule of thumb is – when you see something you like, buy it and continue your trip regret free. Don’t do as some do though and load yourself  with heavy items throughout the trip. By the time you’re at the end, you may need to add extra luggage on the way home.

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