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5 top tips to stay tip top when you travel

Thursday, May 26, 2016

We all know that feeling when you’re about to be ill. It can come in different forms. A scratchy throat, a rumble in the gut or the dull roar of a headache taking hold of your brain. On a normal day, these things are little more than an inconvenience but when on your jolly’s, it can ruin your day.

With that in mind and with the summer season about to kick right off, here are some of our top tips to stay tip top.   

Wash your hands

It is an obvious one and most school children will tell you that it is key to avoiding the spread of infection in disease. The non- washing of yours hands will increase the chance of your holiday being interrupted by discomfort.  Wash your hands regularly while travelling with sanitizers or boiled water brought to the cool.

Don’t drink the ice

The ice is out of bounds if you’re unsure of the cleanliness of the water. Of course, that rules out brushing your teeth using the tap water.  Boiled or bottled is the mantra you should follow.

Defend yourself against the flying enemy

Mosquitos carry some real nasty diseases at the moment with Zika making the headlines in particular. Although  Zika has got the attention at the minute, you should be on guard against old classics such as Malaria and Dengue fever. So, spray, spray, spray to keep those biters away.  Arm yourselves with plenty of repellents.

Be fully equipped

One of the most common things that lead to people falling ill while abroad is the lack of basic medical supplies. A standard first aid kit is essential to stay healthy while away. Failing to take one could lead to the smallest affliction becoming a big one. A great tip is to carry some charcoal tablets, pop a couple of those if you upset your stomach and it should soak up all the badness and let you get on with your trip.

Stay hydrated

Like with the first tip, this one is glaringly obvious. Whether it’s the excitement of being away or the weather itself. Many travellers don’t take on enough fluids and that can lead to all manner of pains and ailments.

Be smart, stay safe and most importantly enjoy.

Written by: Flight-Delayed