Pink lake

Lake Hillier: A Pink Miracle in Australia

Friday, April 29, 2016

A pink lake in Australia? If there's one thing we learnt in geography class, it's that the color blue represents a body of water. However, mother nature does not seem to share the same opinion, so she created a pink lake.

A pink miracle

How did this lake come to be? Our first assumption is that colour is due to advanced Photoshop skills . Unfortunately however, we simply don't know as this is a question even experts of science cannot seem to find an answer for. It is presumed that bacteria in the crust of salt, together with salt-tolerant algae, created this very beautiful and rare natural phenomenon.

One of a kind

The pink Hillier Lake is located on the Middle Island, which is one of 105 Islands on southwestern coast of Australia. In january 1802, the lake was discovered by the British researcher Matthew Flinders. Lake Hillier was declared a World Heritage Miracle due to its steady pink color. It has also been honoured as an important  bird reservoir as many migrating and locals birds often use the lake as a nesting place.

A view from above

Due to the high degree of protection, it is not permitted to step foot on the island. However, visitors can admire the views from above on the offered helicopter tours.

Written by: Flight-Delayed