Visit the land of the dogs in Costa Rica

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Are you a real dog lover who loves to spend time with your faithful companion? Then you should consider a journey to Costa Rica. The so called “Territorio de Zaguates”, “Country of stray dogs” is a privately funded property for stray dogs. The territorio can be considered a more developed and animal friendly shelter, where the main focus is placed on the residents, namely the dogs. However, two-legged guests are more than welcome. Visitors have the opportunity to play with the dogs, make friends and possibly even adopt them.

Photography: Patrice Alsteen

Territorio de Zaguates was founded eight years ago by Lya Battle and Alvaro Saumet as a solution to the hundreds of neglected dogs that roam the streets of Costa Rica. Through their no-kill shelter,  the couple was able to rescue nearly 1000 stray dogs, giving them a new safe home. The “Country of stray dogs” is located in a rural area of the region La Fortuna, in the North of the country. The vastness of the region makes for the ideal playground for dogs where they can roam freely.

A popular destination

Animal lovers from around the world travel to the “Country of stray dogs” to meet and often adopt the four-legged friends. The territorio is also often visited by local and international volunteers who help out regularly. From cleaning to medication and everything in between - there is always work to be done. 

Water stations are placed all around the area, ensuring that the animals have access to drinking water at all times. There is also a big inside space, furnished with baskets and a food area - a little paradise for the dogs and their own real home.

When a dog first enters the shelter, they are nameless. To tell them apart, the staff gives all of them a name. The name usually consists of their looks and assuming breed. These combinations create funny names such as: Chubby-Tailed German Dobernauzer. Once a dog is adopted however, the new owner is free to change the name.

Are you curious about the dogs in Costa Rica? Check out their website Costa Rica Dog Recue. Who knows, you might fall in love with a little one.

Written by: Flight-Delayed