Travel trend in 2016: The Poshtel

When deciding on accommodation​ we all have our preferences. While some like to treat themselves with a nice hotel, others prefer the hustle and bustle of a hostel. The slightly more budget-minded version is especially popular among backpackers and a great way to meet new people. This latest trend is the perfect combination of hotel and hostel - The Poshtel.

A Hostel – but a posh one

As a more budget-friendly version of a hotel, hostels are especially popular among backpackers and a great way of meeting new people while abroad. That is if you don't mind sharing a room and toilet facilities with 4 to 8 other people. We'll spare you the details. Hotels on the other hand provide more privacy and generally maintain higher hygiene standards, while leaving a hole in your pocket. In order to bridge the gap between unaffordable and unhygienic, Generator Hostels have come up the with concept of a Poshtel: A more luxurious (posh)version of a Hostel while still giving you the opportunity of meeting new people.

Improved facilities 

So let's get down to it: What are the advantages of a Poshtel? We had a look at the London-based Generator Poshtels. It's all about affordable luxury. While you'll still be sharing rooms, these are now equipped with designer furniture, free highspeed WiFi and private toilet facilities. No more lumpy beds or hour-long waits to use the shower. Not in the mood for sharing? Double or twin rooms are available for those looking for more privacy. In addition to decked out rooms, Poshtels offer 24h reception service (hotel style), an adjacent restaurant & bar as well as chill-out areas and a cinema room. For as little as £18.00/night in a dorm or £69.50 for a private room, Poshtels give you the excitement of a hostel with the comfort of a hotel.

a poshtel

A growing trend

Poshtels have become a major trend in Europe over the past two years, most of them opening in big cities such as: Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Dublin, Hamburg, London, Venice, Rome and Paris. But their popularity is not only limited to Europe: At “Once in Cape Town” in South Africa you can get rooms in a mixed shared room for four people for as little as  £ 7 per night. In Melbourne, Australia every room comes with its own balcony and some even boast a spa. More Poshtels are located in the US (Miami) and Singapore.

We are excited about this new travel trend and look forward to checking in to one ourselves.