Easter eggs

Easter Traditions around the world

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter is traditionally celebrated with a delicious Easter breakfast, chocolate treats, hot cross buns and of course the yearly egg hunt. As each country has its own Easter traditions, we take a look at some of the customs around the world.

​Traditional Mexican Easter is celebrated over the course of two weeks. The first week is Semana Santa - The Holy Week and begins with Palm Sunday until Easter Saturday. The second week: Pascua, is the period from Easter Sunday to the following Saturday. This is officially a holiday season and many take the opportunity to visit family or go on vacation. During Semana Santa many communities reenact Passion Plays. The most famous passion play takes place in the town of Iztapalapa, south of the capital.


With food at the forefront of a traditional Greek Easter celebration, the country boasts many culinary delights. On Easter Sunday a whole lamb is roasted and shared as the main meal. As for dessert, a cake is made with almonds and oranges and is enjoyed with a spicy orange sauce poured over it.


Good Friday in Bermuda is celebrated with colourful kites, made of sticks and tissue paper in all colours of the rainbow. Legend has it that a local teacher used a kite to illustrate the ascension of Christ.

United States

Every year for Easter, the white house hold its annual Easter Egg Roll for children and their parents from across the country. Usually held on Easter Monday, the selected families can look forward to an afternoon of live entertainment, sports activities, cooking demonstrations and of course the egg roll itself.