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Book your very own private island

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

In addition to private houses, entire castles, villas and penthouses, Airbnb has once more topped it all: It is now possible to book a private island via the online booking site - Robinson Crusoe feeling included!

Today an estimated 60 million people have made use of the platforms’ services for vacations, business trips or travels around the world. Remembering the start, in 2008 the online platform began with a choice of small homes in big cities for the smallest possible price. The rooms were sometimes so small that it was hard to distinguish them from a broom closet. Things have come a long way since then. Instead of focusing merely on price, its all about the experiecence and acommodation has become more and more extravagant.

No matter if it is a penthouse with skyline view in New York, an aristocratic villa in the British countryside or a house boat in the heart of Amsterdam: The choice of housing has become increasingly varied. Some years ago Airbnb started renting out castles - Today there are about 1400 to choose from!

Private islands become affordable for medium wage earners

Today Airbnb makes the unimaginable possible: An entire island for oneself! An isolated (more or less) island. Isn’t this the dream come true for many? Islands that would normally be out of price range are finally being rendered affordable for people with medium wages.

We had to have a look  and found some fairly low-priced offers, considering we are talking about entire islands.

For a mere 72 € this little island in Sweden has all you need. The island is so small that it is home only to a minuscule traditional Scandinavian house made out of red wood. The perfect place for fishing, idyllic picnics by the water and maybe even a bit of swimming (if you can handle the cold).

Travelling like a king

Another quiet and relaxed getaway is a cottage on an island in Scotland - Nothing but green fields and the sea, for 223€ per night. A dream island in the midst of a coral reef in central America is can be rented for approximately 324€ per night. It is quite a price, but also quite the experience: Spend your days snorkeling and the evenings in a hammock between palm trees.

In the Philippines  for the slightly higher price of 395 € per one not only gets stunning accomodation but also three meals a day, prepared by a local chef of course. Now this really comes close to traveling like royalty !

No matter your budget, the possibility of renting your own island has never been easier.