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Six money saving tips while travelling

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Travelling can be quite pricey, here are six ways to save while on the road.

6. Avoid airports ATMs and exchange offices.
Location is everything. Just like shops, ATMs at airports are overpriced and often charge extremely high withdrawal fees. Always use bank ATMs in the city.

5. Stay clear from restaurants near major attractions.
While they might seems convenient due to their location, these tourist traps often charge double the price for half the quality. Our tip: Eat like a local, cheap and cheerful.

4. City passes vs public transport prices
Most major cities offer all-inclusive city passes that include entrance to museums as well as rides with public transport. While some are good value for money, others are simply overpriced transport cards. Compare rates and think about which attractions you really want to visit.

3. Travel during off-season.
Sounds obvious, but we cannot stress enough how much you can actually save by travelling during less popular months of the year. From spring beach holidays to autumn city breaks, both accommodation and flight prices will always be lower.

2. Get a local sim card
This will not only spare you extensive roaming costs but also give you better local rates. This is especially handy for frequent travellers who visit the same country several times a year.

1. Rent a holiday apartment instead of a hotel room.
Especially when travelling as a group, sharing the costs of an apartment will cost you less than booking a hotel room each. Travelling by yourself? Try couch-surfing and crash on a local's couch for free.