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British Airways - Female cabin crew win the right to wear trousers

Monday, February 8, 2016

Following a two year dispute between British Airways and its cabin crew over the airline’s dress code, female workers have now won the right to wear trousers. So far the restriction had only applied to the so called "mixed fleet", a new category of airline staff hired after 2012 under different conditions than the existing crew members. Even though trousers for female staff were designed back in 2001, a separate look was developped for the mixed fleet team, not allowing women to wear trousers unless they had special permission.

The change of heart came after more than 83 percent of female crew members demanded trousers as a uniform option, arguing that skirts were impractical during the colder months.

While British Airways is now among the few airlines that gives women a choice in uniform, many airlines still impose restrictions. Ryanair still requires female staff to wear skirts and Etihad removed the trouser option entirely in the previous year.

This ruling will affect nearly 3000 crew members and is seen as a step further towards workplace equality.

Written by: Flight-Delayed