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48-Hour Flight Delay |

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Flight delays and cancellations are usually extremely frustrating and quite tiresome. Especially for those stranded at airports for hours on end, without any updates as to when their flight will be leaving. It can ruin your holiday and force you to miss important events. Most of us can agree that a delayed / cancelled flight is pretty much the worst thing that can happen while travelling.

Not so however, one British traveller whose flight back home from New York was recently delayed by 48 hours. She had flown to see her fiance and the happy couple got to spend two extra days with each other in New York.

Last minute notice

As is often the case with technical difficulties, the airline was only able to inform passengers about the cancellation shortly before departure. They were then booked on a flight for the next day which in turn was cancelled as well. What came as an inconvenience to most of the passengers, was a blessing in disguise for the young lady, who only gets to see her fiance once a year. With the compensation provided by the airline, the couple was able to check-in to a hotel for two extra nights and enjoy each other’s company.

In an open letter she thanked the airline for the unexpected vacation. Lucky for them, all the stars aligned and the delay did not take place on inward flight.