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Travel hack #5: Forgot to pack your phone charger?

Monday, January 4, 2016

You’re planning the perfect holiday and are all about arriving at your destination as soon as possible and savouring every moment. We’ve got tips, tricks and hacks to make sure your vacation goes as smoothly as possible. In this week's edition our hack goes out to all forgetful travellers.

While some always rely on a packing list, others travel so frequently that packing becomes a second nature. Either way, whether it's something as vital as your passport or as mundane as your toothbrush, we’ve all forgotten that one thing we were supposed to pack but didn’t. Many travellers worst nightmare: Forgetting your phone charger. Let’s be honest, many of us wouldn’t survive if our phones ran out of battery halfway through the holiday.

For those who often charge their phones via their laptops, it can happen that you remember to pack your cable, but forget the plug in the socket. It could also happen, that you pack your charger but forget to bring a travel adapter. In these cases staying in a hotel can come in handy. Check out the TV in your room. Most flatscreens nowadays carry USB ports. All you’ll need to charge your phone is plug in into the TV using a universal USB cable (the same one you'd use for your laptop). While this may sound like an obvious tip, it is often forgotten, especially when you're in the process of panicking over the last 5 percent of battery left.

Should you not have your USB cable handy, check out the hotel reception before running to the store. Most hotels will either have phone chargers or a lost & found box with bits and pieces forgotten by previous guests. Chances are you might get lucky.

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Happy travels!