Luggage with smartphone and laptop

Intelligent Traveling 2.0

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The big seller in this years christmas shopping is Marty McFly’s Hoverboard from the film „Back to the Future“ that recently became reality. It cannot float to the extent the film board did, but still - fiction is merging with reality. Travelling is equally becoming increasingly smarter, and we are not talking about the smart phones and tablets that everyone of us carries nowadays. We'll be having a look at the functions of the most intelligent suitcases on the market today - An ideal Christmas gift this year?

Connected to the phone

Part of the basic equipment of the new era of luggage is the smartphone connection. Through the integration of high-performance batteries, many suitcases offer a mobile charging station via USB connection through which travellers can charge their electronic devices on the go. The suitcase Space Case 1 from Planet Traveller even offers two ports that enable two devices to be charged simultaneously. What is more, these smart suticases offer wireless functions via Bluetooth that allow you to connect speakers.


Gone are the days of old-school padlocks to secure your luggage, the new smart products offer a new level of security. Some of them are programmed to the personal user in such a way, that they only open with the right fingerprint. The Bluesmart even closes automatically, when at a certain distance to the owner. In case of loss, the new generation of suitcases can be traced world-wide via an integrated GPS system. So no more worries of luggage loss, you'll be getting real-time information on your luggage’s location.


The designers thought of everything when developping the new series making them transformable in size and form. Both the Barracuda Bag and Fugu Luggage can be transformed and altered to traveller wishes. The Barracuda Bag is a Carry-On bag when unfolded, but can be reduced to a height of around 10 cm. and can be stored under almost any bed. A special feature to the Barracuda is a foldable table for an ergonomic working space while waiting in the lounge and a flexible handle making it easy to transport. Fugu Luggage works inverse and is optionally enlarged. Designers were probably inspired by the classic Louis Vuitton trunks from the early years : When unfolded to maximum size they function almost like a mobile closet with compartments and hooks to hang the clothes.

Travel Companion

The new generation of suitcases can almost be considered an actual travel companion. These cases informs the owner about the packed weight, finds „friends“ (other trunks of the same fabrication in proximity) and can be used as a hands-free unit for phone calls. Who knows what else the year 2016 will bring, but we can almost expect to cross paths with fellow travelers that float along on Hoverboards all the while charging their smartphones through their suitcases.