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Emirates: The fastest growing airline in the world

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Merely three decades after its launch in October of 1985, Emirates has become the fastest growing commercial airline in the world. Known for innovation and service, the carrier has always managed to stay one step ahead. We take a walk down memory lane

25 October 1985: The Dubai-based carrier is born and launches its first flight EK600 from Dubai - Karachi

Early 1990s: Emirates is on a course of rapid expansion with revenue of almost US$500 million by 1993

1993: This is also the year its first “Around the world service” is born, in partnership with US-Airways

1995: By now the airline has managed to build a network of 37 destinations in 30 different countries

Early 2000s: Continuously stocking up on aircrafts, Emirates introduces their member group: Skywards. The airline also introduces first longhaul flights between the East and West coast of the US as well as long-distance flights to Australia

2004: First non-stop flights to New York are launched

2007: By opening up a new flight route to Sao Paolo, Brazil, Emirates is now offering its first non-stop flight between South America and the Middle East.

2009: With a fleet of 78, Emirates becomes the world’s largest operator of the Boeing 777

2012: Emirates and Australian owned Qantas sign a codeshare deal for flights to and from Australia.

2013: Emirates makes a record-breaking order of 150 Boeing 777Xs, 50 Airbus A380s, estimated at US$166 billion.

2015: Today Emirates operates in 140 cities, in 80 countries, across six continents. The airline has also broken the record of the world’s longest non-stop flight: Dubai to Panama City that lasts 17 hours and 35 minutes. Providing highest standards of quality, Emirates is also known to be amongst the top airlines worldwide, preferred by passengers due to outstanding service and value for money.