North korea flags

A trip to North Korea

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A voyage to North Korea is probably out of question for most of us. Flying there would already be a hazard. Air Kroyo is one of the only airlines that has repeatedly been nominated as the worst in the world (by evaluation of Skytrax it was the only one to receive merely one star). We take a look at what travellers all around the world share on the internet about their experience when flying with Air Kroyo.

Propaganda onboard

While British Airways, Air France and Lufthansa stream their usual programme of international blockbuster cinema, Air Kroyo choses the state-owned TV News channel, for subtle propaganda. Passengers also have the choice of North Korean print media, but beware – crumpling up a paper with a picture of the state president is considered an insult and carries harsh consequences.

Technically safe?

There are a number of reports on the airline’s old aircrafts, which makes one wonder about the safety onboard. All but two aircrafts have been banned from European airspace due to technical defects and a lack of safety requirements. However, the private organisation Aviation Safety Network has, so far, not recorded any fatal incidents with the airline for the past 32 years. According to the coordinator of Aviation Safety network Harro Ranter: “A big factor in the safety of an airline is the country’s ability to conduct proper safety oversight, and the level of implementation of international aviation standards and regulations”.


All in all what we know about this mysterious airline is a vivid mix of assumptions, hearsay and a couple of experiences that the internet shares with us. But despite all damning criticism, we find many recommendations from previous passengers that assembled on the internet. Another reason is that, unlike most airlines known to us, Air Koryo doesn’t seem to have a problem with flight delays. Maybe it is worthwhile to opt for Air Koryo next time when flying from Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait City or Beijing, in order to get a behind the scenes glimpse.