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WOW Air offering £99 one-way flights to the US

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Icelandic airline WOW air has announced £99 one-way flights to the US. Flights departing from London Gatwick to Boston or Washingtion DC will include a layover in the capital Reykjavik. Passengers looking for a deal will have to fly within the given timeframes of 1 October to 15 December 2015 and 10 January to 10 March 2016. This is the second WOW offer by the airline. Too good to be true? Passengers should be on the lookout for extra costs. We’ve summed them up for you.

Mandatory booking fee: £6 per booking

Checked luggage: £39 per person per bag.

Extra hand luggage: £28 for 7 kilos

Booking a seat in advance: Between £3 and £11 per passenger per flight leg.

Pre-booking a seat with extra legroom: Between £19 and £39 per passenger per flight leg

Bottle of water: Approx. £1.50

Sandwich: Approx. £5

Let’s crunch the numbers: A one-way flight with a £6 booking fee, one checked luggage, a bottle of water and a sandwich will set you back by £150.5. For a round trip you will therefore end up paying £301. Despite the extra costs this remains a competitive deal.

According to WOW these prices are made possible due to low overhead and a fuel saving Airbus fleet.