Four ways our phones have changed the way we travel

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

In today’s digital world, smartphones have impacted almost every aspect of our lives. For all tech-savvy travellers, mobile technology has made travelling easier and more convenient. Here’s why:

4. All your documents on one device: Whether it’s your boarding passes or booking confirmations, paper is part of the past. Most Airlines nowadays have developed apps that allow for mobile boarding passes, so gone are the days of rummaging around in your bag while holding up the queue.

3. Learn the language on the go: Travelling to an exotic destination? Language apps & dictionaries enable you pick up a few words and converse with locals. No more wild gesturing, when all you want to do is ask for the nearest beach.

2. Stay on track: Trying to get to your hotel from the station/airport? Digital directions are now at your fingertips. Maps have gotten smarter, allowing you to save them for offline use, so you don’t have to worry about extra data charges.

1.  Share memorable moments: Sharing your impressions with friends and family has never been easier. Various Social Media platforms allow you to upload and share images instantly. The benefit: should you happen to lose your camera, you can always retrieve your images from the cloud.

While technology has improved certain aspects of travelling, it only works under one condition: Don’t forget to charge your phone and keep a backup battery just in case.