Ryanair offering transatlantic flights from £10

Thursday, March 19, 2015


The Irish low-cost airline revived its £10 ticket offer for transatlantic flights earlier this week. In the past 30 years Ryanair has only been focused on the European market. The Board of Directors have now approved this project as part of the airline’s short-term business plan.

What will be the routes?

Ryanair plans to connect 12 to 14 American cities such as NY, Boston, Chicago and Miami with the major European cities such as London, Dublin, Berlin and many more.   A spokesman also declared that discussions had begun with Boeing & Airbus. However, aircrafts won’t be available before 2020.

Low prices come at a cost

Ryanair is known for its low prices that are maintained through eliminating comfort and services other airlines guarantee. However, there are many hidden costs as passengers are charged excessively for food & beverage as well as extra luggage and check-ins. While passengers may be able to go without certain luxuries for an hour or two, one does need a certain standard of comfort for long-haul flights of seven to nine hours. However, despite the hidden costs Ryanair’s long-haul prices are expected to remain lower than existing competitors’.