Round of drinks

Increasing number of drunk incidents on UK flights

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Some say a little liquor helps against pre-flight gitters, but these passengers have certainly gone overboard. The number of incidents ocurring on UK flights due to drunk passengers has increased over the past years.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) there were approximately 114 passenger disturbances in 2014. In 2013 there were 85 and in 2012 approximately 47. Overall, these figures indicate a considerable increase. According to experts, alcohol-related incidents are mostly linked to stag and hen parties. These groups are ususally heavily intoxicated before boarding the aircraft as drinking begins before the actual holiday.

The most prominent case of air-rage occured late last year after 22-year old Mohammed Khelya ruined his own honeymoon as he was escorted off the aircraft. The newlywed couple was on their way to Cuba on board a Thomas Cook flight when Mr Khelya threatened the crew. The flight was then diverted to Bermuda where he was arrested.

Airlines are set on implementing stricter rules in an attempt to reduce passenger violence. However, it is also up to airport cafes and bars, as well as duty free shops.