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Singing men cheer up passengers on delayed flight

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It’s hard to think of anyone who actually likes flight delays, but there will always be someone who tries to make the best of a situation! These singing men come up with a lovely way to cheer up fellow passengers on a delayed flight.

A recent US Airways flight suffered a lengthy delay of four hours due to maintenance issues that arose after boarding. During this time, passengers and cabin crew familiarized themselves with one another. One of the crew members asked a Welsh male choir onboard the flight to give a little performance as an attempt to lighten the mood. The men of the Port City Sound choir immediately started doing what they love: singing. They spread joy to passengers with an acapella rendition of ''under the boardwalk'' and it turned into a singalong session, with those who knew the song gladly joining in. Luckily, the flight resumed with no further issues and the overall mood of the passengers was greatly improved, with many feeling uplifted and less stressed out. The passengers aboard the plane experienced a shared moment where communication was strong and there was a mutual feeling of enjoying each other’s company. It’s motivating to remember that acts of kindness, whether they be small or big, matter a lot and could mean the world to some!

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