Rating the in-flight crew with app

Friday, May 23, 2014

An app that enables passengers to rate the flight attendants on their flight. The idea came from KLM director Camiel Eurlings. However, it soon became clear the KLM crew are strongly opposed to the idea. But perhaps the app could be an opportunity for airlines to improve the service on board of their aircrafts?

With the app, Eurlings wants to improve on-board service. But KLM staff has responded negatively to the idea so far, perhaps out of fear for misuse by disgruntled passengers? It goes without saying customer feedback isn't something employees should fear, and it's quite possible the app could eventually help improve airline service in the long run. Of course, perhaps KLM isn't the airline that needs the most help with their service...

The app could be a useful tool for travellers, especially those who fly a lot. What do you think? Would the app be a good addition or not?

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