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Pilot scares passengers silly after emergency landing

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Monarch flight was recently forced to make an emergency landing on Barbados due to technical issues. The passengers were terrified after the captain told them that they had just avoided a plane crash. Certainly not great news if you're about to depart again!

The plane was forced to land on Barbados due to technical problems but was able to continue its journey the following day. Just before the plane took off, the pilot came on the intercom with a surprising message. He announced that the problems that occurred on the previous flight could have led to a crash and that everyone on the plane had escaped death. The pilot went up to his passengers and explained the problem in detail. Furthermore, he compared the flight with an accident from 1991, when on a different flight a similar problem occurred with Lauda Air. 213 people were on board of that flight and lost their lives.

According to the British newspaper The Independent, the travellers were back on their way from the Caribbean to England and absolutely not happy with the information the captain provided, especially not so close to take-off. According to a passenger, the captain caused a very tense atmosphere on board the plane. Some people were probably discouraged to ever fly again.

The pilot has apologised for his behaviour, and Monarch has announced they don't feel their employee acted appropriately..