Air passengers watching safety instructions

The biggest sources of irritation on an airplane

Friday, April 4, 2014

As summer is almost upon us again, for many, families and friends it is time for a vacation. Online travel agency Expedia has researched the biggest annoyances on an airplane. The test was administered to 1,001 U.S. air travellers.

41% of the passengers answered the most annoying irritations derived from parents that let their children play and run freely through the airplane at ten thousand meters in the air.

Another annoying issue passengers complain about is also related to children that make too much noise in the airplane. Around 49% of respondents indicate that they would be willing to pay additionally for a special quiet zone on the plane.

Irritations on board: Noise and chair trappers

The ‘Rear Seat Kickers’ closely follow the inattentive parents. Rear Seat Kickers are people who have their feet in the back of the front passengers seat and constantly bang them against the seat. 38% of respondents say that this is their biggest annoyance on a plane. Also the smelly fellow passenger (28%) competes in the top three of what’s most irritating in commercial airplanes.

Adults too can cause irritation: three-quarters of the respondents is annoyed by the sound of adult passengers. 23% says the biggest irritation factor is people who talk a lot.

Interviewees are no better

Yet there is a caveat to this research. As much as 80% of respondents indicated that they themselves recline their seats during flights. Most of the people indicated that they do this after they have eaten. One in five questioned states to recline their seats immediately after take-off.

The same applies to the talkative fellow passengers problem. Although the surveyed said earlier that it is considered annoying if passengers cannot resist chatting. 34% of respondents indicated that they consider the flight as an opportunity to get to know new people and have a friendly chat themselves.

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