Ryanair flight attendant fired for eating a sandwich

Monday, March 31, 2014

broodje ham

MADRID - Spanish Ryanair flight attendant was recently fired for eating a ham sandwich. According to the airline, the sandwich was for passengers only. Furthermore, Mr Montesinos should have asked whether he was allowed to eat the sandwich and should have paid for it before devouring it.

By eating the sandwich, the man violated Ryanair’s house rules. He should have paid for the ham, cheese and tomato sandwich, which would have cost him a little over 5 euros. However, he didn't pay for it, nor did he ask permission to eat it, leading to his dismissal.

The flight attendant attempted to contest the dismissal, but to no avail. Due to the fact that Ryanair is an Irish company, the Spanish court could not help the steward with this ridiculous issue. The matter was complicated further by the fact that the man was working through an employment agency. Ryanair has stated that the problem can only be solved through the European Union. There is little hope for the former Ryanair employee.