Person looking at flight information board

Ryanair lets passengers wait 3 hours without food or water

Monday, March 3, 2014

Last weekend, a Ryanair flight from London (Stansted) to Porto experienced delay of 12 hours. Understandably, passengers became enfuriated by the way they were being treated.

The passengers waited 3 hours, and locked inside the aircraft without food or water. As a result of this situation – which nearly escalated – the local police was contacted to ensure that the passengers would be allowed to leave the plane. The passengers spent the rest of the night at the airport. Ryanair also refused to arrange a hotel for the passengers to spend their time until the new departure time.

Flight delayed due to bad weather

Because of adverse weather, the passengers had to wait a very long time. Due to the fact that Ryanair postponed the departure time, a passenger asked for a 'compensation snack'. After that request was rejected by the crew, the mood among the passengers changed drastically, up to the moment that the police arrived. The plane ultimately left with a delay of 12 hours. We do not know when or if the passengers eventually were given any food after all.

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