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Airbus 320 has close encounter with 'UFO' over Heathrow

Thursday, January 9, 2014

According to 'The Telegraph', an Airbus had a close encounter with a UFO near Heathrow airport last summer. According to the captain of the flight, the UFO, shaped like a silver rugby ball, whizzed by the aircraft, just missing it by a few meters.

The pilot decided to duck in order to avoid a crash, and succeeded. Aviation authorities have investigated the matter, but no UFO has been found yet.

Purportedly, Argentina also has a 'UFO problem'. Pilots of Argentinian flights supposedly have regular close encounters with 'unidentified objects'. They don't report these incidents out of fear of airline sanctions, the story goes, but apparently many pilots have sought psychological help for these types of cases. In addition, several UFO's were reported over Buenos Aires in 1985.

So is this all just an urban legend, or do UFO's really exist? No proof was ever found yet, but it's a type of story that is sure to pop up here and there every once in a while regardless..