Ice creams

Flight-Delayed's travel tip #6: Where to get cheap ice cream?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Now that summer has officially begun we thought it might be a good idea to do some investigative journalism into the world of ice cream. In the UK the temperature doesn't always lend itself to eat ice-cold treats, but many of us will be going on holidays soon so there will be many good excuses for a cone! When we eat ice cream we want the best but we of course also want to have it for a good price. So read on and find out where you can find cheap ice cream and which places better to avoid to, if, that is, you enjoy a full wallet..

A Roman gelato? Or perhaps something a bit cheaper...


Imagine being on your holiday, for instance in Italy: you are taking a stroll in the Italian sun, through the quaint old streets of Rome. Naturally, there is only one thing you will want: a delectable Italian ice cream! Luckily, you can find a Gelateria on every street corner. After much deliberation you finally decide on the age-old question of 'chocolate or strawberry?', and the ice cream vendor hands you your cone: "Tre Euro per favore". THREE EUROS? For a single ice cream? What a damper on your holiday fun, especially considering you want to have at least three ice creams a day, and you haven't won the lottery recently! So for 9 Euros a day, perhaps you could consider going to Reykjavik instead? An ice cream will only cost you €0,67 there! And even better news: it's so cold there that you probably won't even want to eat any ice cream at all. Money in the bank!


Asia: an ice cream paradise!

Holiday plans for Asia? Rest assured: the prices of ice cream are very reasonable there. You'll find the most expensive one in Tokyo, with an average price of € 2,32 (GBP 2.02). Most Asian countries are much cheaper, ice cream-wise. So why not go backpacking around the cheapest ice cream countries? (The countries themselves are also nice, but that's secondary.) Start in Bangkok and devour an ice cream for only € 0,72 (GBP 0.63), and travel on to sunny Kuala Lumpur, where you can get a great cone for the same amount. And end your roundtrip in Bali: you will only pay € 0,94 (GBP 0.82) there.

America: reasonable prices

In America, prices are quite reasonable: South-America is an especially great destination for 'amantes de helado' (lover of ice cream). In Argentina, eating ice cream three times a day wouldn't be an overly costly hobby at only € 0,40 (GBP 0.35) apiece. Prefer to enjoy a colourful cone on the pearly white sands of Mexico? No problemo: that will only cost you € 1,14 (GBP 0.99)! And chilli sauce is optional. Montreal, on the other hand, is a less attractive option, with ice cream at the same rate of that in Rome.

1 Ice cream in Dubai? Or 14 (!!) in Kenia?


Do you have a trip to Dubai on the horizon? Better save your pennies, 'cause you will need them! An ice cream cone will cost you a whopping € 5,32 (GBP 4.63) there. Of course, it is in the middle of the desert. If you haven't booked a holiday yet, you may want to consider catching a flight to Nairobi. An ice cream will only set you back € 0,38 (GBP 0.33) there. If that isn't reason enough, we don't know what is!

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