Lavatory for dogs at San Diego airport

Friday, June 28, 2013

Imagine this: you're at the airport with your dog, and at a certain point he (or she) simply can't hold it any longer... That could lead to an unpleasant scene, but at San Diego airport it won't be happening anymore! Dogs at that airport will be able to use an actual lavatory there from now on.

The toilets that were made especially for man's best friend are located next to the airport's regular lavatories (for the human counterparts), and are fully equipped with special facilities for both dog and man. The dog, for instance, can walk on a grass patch, and the dog's owner can wash his hands while waiting. So fussing about with plastic bags and looking for a spot outside is a thing of the past! Or at least at San Diego airport.

But San Diego airport isn't the only airport equipped with a special dog toilet. New York, Chicago Dulles, Los Angeles, Washington DC and O’Hare airports have had special facilities for travelling dog owners for a while.