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Flight-Delayed's travel guide - Travel tip #4: Travel apps

Friday, June 21, 2013

British summers aren't exactly known to be the best in the world.. But you may already have a holiday to a sunny destination planned for the summer in which case you don't have to worry about not catching enough sun this year (did you, by the way, read our previous travel tip, on sun and safety?). So let's start preparing for your holiday right now, with a top-8 of what we think are the best travel apps. Flight-Delayed presents: Travel Tip #4: Travel apps.

Travel app 1: Packing pro


Passport; check, phone charger; check, swimsuit; check! Packing a suitcase: no one really enjoys doing this, and everybody forgets to pack that essential item once in a while. Packing Pro will help you remember what exactly to pack. It also allows you to set up to-do lists, so you won't forget to buy sunscreen or to make a copy of your passport. First item on your to-do list: remember to download these handy apps!

Travel app 2: CItyMaps2Go


We have a great tip lined up to avoid sky-high phone bills, but first: this next app is perfect if you don't have internet on your phone. CityMaps2Go allows you to view hundreds of maps, offline! Download all the maps you think you may need online before you leave, and you will be able to access them offline when you are at your holiday destination. An ideal solution when you go cycling or go on a tour by scooter and need to navigate!

Travel app 3: Wifi Finder


In the past, we already gave you a good tip to avoid high phone bills resulting from using your internet connection when you're abroad. The Wifi finder is a second tip to that same end. This app will track down wifi hotspots so you can use the internet free of charge. The Wifi finder app searches among 145,00 wifi hotspots worldwide, so there's always one near you.

Travel app 4: Google Goggles


Once you arrive at your destination, ready to explore foreign culture, this app will be a great asset. Imagine this: you come across a beautiful statue or painting, but you have no clue which artist made it.. Use Google Goggles and you'll know! Point the camera at a work of art and you'll receive the answer. It's like having your own personal tour guide!

Travel app 5: Weather underground


It's time to take a break from the museums and sights, so you have a seat on a lovely outdoor terrace – and it starts to rain. You could have avoided this nasty surprise if you had used Weather underground. This isn't strictly an app but really a website, but véry handy nonetheless. Check the recent weather reports for your specific location (the website determines itself where you are). So perhaps a good tip for Weather underground's developers: build an app?

Travel app 6: Share-a-bill


The clouds and rain have blown over and you can finally sit back and enjoy a summery drink. You may decide to do so with your friends: have a few pints and of course it always turns out that no one brought cash but you. So you decide to front them but naturally do want each and every one of them to pay you back! This app isn't just a travel app but will probably come in handy at many different occasions, so download the Share-a-bill app. In this app, you can enter an amount and the app will then calculate who owes who what. Very convenient, and it could prevent a lot of quarrels.

Travel app 7: Customs app 'OK'

Customs OK

You arrive back at the airport after your holiday, your luggage packed with presents for your friends and family. You take your hand luggage through customs, but the alarm goes off. You bought items that aren't allowed to pass customs. Next time, use the Customs 'OK' app: this will tell you exactly what you are and are not allowed to bring with you, and what the rules are on imposter designer products. A cool feature is the one that allows you to make an X-ray scan of your luggage! The app has other functions, but this is the most entertaining one.

Travel app 8: Passenger rights app

Passenger rights app

Waiting for your plane, you notice that the information boards indicate that your flight is delayed. The delay is pushed back further and further and at a certain point, you have waited for two hours to depart. Nearly four hours later, the plane home finally arrives. Consult the European Commission's passenger rights app. This app will tell you what your rights are when you are delayed. For instance, did you know that if you are delayed by two hours, the airline is required to offer care? And that if you are delayed by three hours or more, you could be entitled to receive 250, 400 or 600 euros in compensation? You can also claim this compensation for older flights, and you can use the services of a company like, who assists air passengers worldwide.