Country flags

Quiz: which countries do these flags represent?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Have you visited many countries of the world, do you have a vast amount of general knowledge, and do you love food? Take a guess: which countries are represented by the flags below, created at the Sydney Food Festival?

The first flag represents a country where huge events will be taking place in the years to come. It's the land of great weather, beach and carnival! It's....

Food flags 1

Covered by the smog of one of the world's largest countries...?

Food flags 2

Cows, mountains, cheese and a great location for skiing...?

Food flags 3

Skippy, didgeridoo – the land 'down under' has it all!

Food flags 4

The root of European civilisation...?

Food flags 5

Land of reincarnation, holy cows and curries...?

Food flags 6

Basil and tomatoes, need we say more...?

Food flags 7

Blue cheese, brie and grapes: this one should be easy to guess...

Food flags 8

In this country, if you see a sign that says 'Bear left', there may actually be a bear on your left...

Food flags 9

Bulls, costas, Gaudi and delectable sausages...?

Food flags 10

This country's neighbour has been provoking its enemies lately, but the country itself means no harm...?

Food flags 11

They don't eat their dinners with fork and knife here...?

Food flags 12

The easiest one: fish en chips and an old lady with a crown?....

Food flags 13

Strange to be universally known for food that is as loved and hated like this food is...?

Food flags 14

Photo source: Sydney Food Festival