Flight-Delayed's travel tip #2 - 2013's top-5 activities

Friday, May 10, 2013

What's new, which island has just been discovered and where's the party? We have to admit: some of these activities aren't realistically attainable, but you never know: you could win the lottery. And dreaming is free.

1. Why don't you visit the Dutch capital this year? The city's canals are 400 years old this year, the Rijksmuseum reopened this year after being closed for 10 years, the concert hall and its orchestra are celebrating their 125th birthday with a series of jubilee concerts, city zoo Artis was opened an amazing 175 years ago, and our prince Willem Alexander (or 'Willy', as his friends call him) was crowned king there this year. Doesn't that sound like a big enough party to you? Well, Amsterdam also gave out all-day-all-night permits to five clubs, including the popular Club Trouw. Plenty of reasons to visit the city!


2. Have you always dreamt of being an astronaut, and doesn't a flight on a regular aircraft quite do it for you? Book a return ticket to the Milky way with Virgin! Virgin Galactic Travel allows you to visit outer space for 'only' 200,000 dollars. After a three-day training, you will be ready to be shot into space from Spaceport America in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

virgin galactic

3. Visit any major capital and find out what the hottest hotspots are by selecting a 'soulmate' for the appropriate city. Nectar&Pulse allows you to do just that. You receive a city guide that lists the best local restaurants, most authentic shopping areas, the place where you can find that perfect cup of coffee, the must-visit museums and THE places to be after dusk, specially composed for you by your 'soulmate'. It's a unique way of discovering a new city with a little help from a local. The listings are young, diverse, creative, and the website alone looks stunning.


4. The Jesus trail in Israel. To literally walk in Jesus' footsteps. You can, starting on a winding trail in Nazareth through an olive grove to the ancient city of Capernaum. The hike is a total of 63 kilometres long. It has stunning vistas of the green Jezreel valley, the magnificent Beit Qeshet Oak Reserve and the arid hillsides of Arbel Berg. The view of sunset upon the glistening sea of Galilea makes this trail beautiful and worthwhile, and not just for Christians.

Jezus wandelroute

5. Off-piste skiing in the Himalaya. Are you getting a bit bored with Europe's slopes and do you want a change? Then you should definitely visit Kashmir. The highest cable car in the world will take you to 403 metres and a helicopter will then transport you to the summit. There, you can ski for hours and never see another human. Besides challenging slopes, this is also a beautiful place to visit. A sneak peek below.