Virgin air toilet

Airline Virgin sued after bathroom incident

Saturday, May 4, 2013

American airline Virgin is being sued for 500,000 dollars (320,000 GBP). Why? It all started with a drink. American passenger Salvatore Bevivino (what funnily enough means something along the lines of 'young man that goes crazy and drinks a lot') wanted to order a drink. But according to the flight crew, he had to order via the touch screen system. Bevivino refused and demanded personal service.

After having gotten his drink anyway, he proceeded to visit the bathroom. After a few minutes, he exited the lavatory cursing and ranting. It also turned out he hadn't properly flushed the toilet.

Once the plane landed, the man was taken into custody and held for several hours on account of not having flushed the toilet, and for his burst of outrage. Bevivino claims to have flushed and stated that the anger wasn't directed at the flight crew.

Bevivino is now suing Virgin America for 500,000 dollars, or approximately 320,000 pounds, for being insulted and for panic attacks and stress due to the incident.

Virgin air toilet