Red lipstick

Red lipstick banned for flight attendants Turkish Airlines

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Flight attendants of Turkish Airlines will no longer be allowed to wear red lipstick. In addition, high buns, wigs and tattoos are also being banned by the airline, who came to this decision recently. The female crew members are still allowed to wear makeup in pastel tones. The new rules have sparked some controversy, even though many airlines have similar regulations for their staff.

Turkish Airlines management released a statement that said that: 'bright colours don't match with the cabin crew's uniforms, and as a result, the female flight attendants are asked to only wear makeup in natural colours. The presentation of the face and hands is part of our service. Natural colours have been proved to have a positive effect on communication and to exude a sense of accessibility.' The airline states to have received complaints by various (male?) passengers about the bright lipstick being inappropriate and offensive.

lipstick Turkish Airlines

Many airlines have similar policies on their staff's appearance, so Turkish Airlines isn't doing anything out of the ordinary, according to the airline. But nonetheless, social media have exploded with messages calling for protest. Flight attendants are angry about the new rules and are now inviting others to join them in their protest by wearing the supposedly offensive red lipstick. Other rules within Turkish Airlines' policy include amended uniforms (longer skirts), restrictions to the dyeing of hair and banning of flashy makeup. In addition, alcohol was banned on several flights to Islamic countries. A sign of Islamisation driven by the government who holds a 49-percent stake of the airline, according to many. The Turkish government is said to want to increase the influence of the Islam on public life, and this could very well be an example of that.

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