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Flight-Delayed's travel guide: Travel tip #1

Here at Flight-Delayed, we hate it when holidays go wrong. People work hard all year, so their holidays are meant to be enjoyed and to give them a chance to rest their bones, and irritations and disturbances are not wanted! 

We're glad that we are able to offer assistance in case of flight delays. In addition, we will be compiling and sharing travel tips leading up to the summer holiday season, to make sure your holiday goes without a hitch this year. Today, we share our first travel tip with you.

Travel tip #1: Going online on holiday

Sky-high prices and bad connections: most travellers experience going online on holiday as one big disaster. But we came across a very handy device that may help avoid these woes: a Cloud Companion Router. Why the device is called that? We're not sure, but it sounds like a great solution to us!

Why do you need it? Nowadays, when you go on holiday, you want wifi in your hotel, to find out where you can find the best Sangria in Barcelona, consult first aid after sun burns, or to check how many work emails you have received (in order to continue ignoring them for the remainder of the vacation). The only problem is: not every hotel has a wifi connection. And if there is wifi, you pay a small fortune to be allowed to use it, and then the signal is so weak that you keep losing the connection. 

But aside from a wifi connection, many hotel rooms are also equipped with a regular wire internet connection, which is often free. But this poses a new problem, as phones and tablets, being the most common way for a holiday-goer to surf the net, can't be connected to the internet with a cable. The solution? Bringing your own wireless router!

What kind of gadget is it? It's a device that allows you to set up your own wireless connection, easily and quickly. You need only plug in the D-link DIR-505 Cloud Companion Router to a power outlet and set up the wireless connection. Multiple devices can be connected to the wireless connection simultaneously, and the router can also be used as a charger for your tablet or smart phone.

How much will this gadget set me back? The router is about 38 GBP, which may seem like quite a lot, but compared to the fees charged for wifi (which can range up to 15 euros) may even be cost-effective in the long run.

travel tip 1

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Source: TicketSpy

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