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Russian flight attendant fired for 'funny' photo

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Russian flight attendant that posted a 'funny' photo online – of someone flipping an unsuspecting passenger aboard a flight the proverbial bird – was recently fired. But this week, the lady in question was told that her employee Aeroflot would allow her to return.

The woman – let's call her Tatiana – was completely oblivious to the possible consequences when she posted the photo online. She says the arm that can be seen in the picture isn't even hers but was that of a fellow flight attendant on another airline. She only posted the photo because she thought it was quite funny, and then tagged herself in it. But unfortunately for her, her superiors couldn't appreciate the joke when the photo was brought to their attention via Twitter: Tatiana was fired on the spot.

Tatiana became so upset at hearing this, that she begged to be hired back. A spokesperson for Aeroflot stated: 'Apparently, this girl is just so in love with the skies. She bombarded us with pleas to get her job back.' Ultimately, one of her bosses was convinced. The flight attendant will now be allowed to return to her job – albeit with a six-month probation period. But let's assume that Tatiana has learned her lesson and won't be posting any more 'funny' pictures online (or at least not in the next six months).

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